Thigh Lift Tucson

Thigh Lift Surgery in Tucson, AZ

Knowledge and experience may increase with age, but so do wrinkles, stubborn areas of fat, and the size of your thighs. In Tucson, Arizona, a plastic surgery procedure, known as a thigh lift, can change the look of your legs to a more desirable appearance. Dr. Eades, located in the Nogales and Vail areas can perform this procedure to suit your needs.

Is a Thigh Lift Right for me?

If you suffer from extra and wrinkly skin or fat around the thigh area, you may benefit from a thigh lift. If previous attempts of exercise and dieting methods have been ineffective, a thigh lift can give you a surgical advantage. Patients should not end their exercise or dieting regimens. Good general health is necessary and helpful for optimal surgical results. If you have well defined goals and realistic expectations, then a thigh lift might be right for you.

thigh lift surgery in tucson arizona

What can I Expect from a Thigh Lift?

A procedure performed in Tucson, Arizona will typically follow standard steps. You can expect to be treated with a general anesthetic during surgery. Then, depending on your specific problem areas, Dr. Eades will make the proper incisions. Reshaping and re-draping of the underlying skin and tissue will help create the results you desire. The time it takes to complete your procedure will also vary according to your desires. After surgery, Dr. Eades will guide you through recovery.

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What is the Recovery Time of a Thigh Lift

Before their procedure, it is important that patients designate a caregiver or helper to assist during recovery time. Caregivers should be able to drive patients home from the outpatient surgery center and provide assistance the first day after surgery. Typically, after a thigh lift procedure, patients will require at least two weeks away from normal activity and work. During this recovery period, you may experience some swelling, pain, and bruising around the incision site. To reduce these symptoms, Tucson patients will be prescribed oral pain medication. In some cases, patients are also given a compression garment, worn to reduce swelling and avoid the formation of blood clots. By the end of three to five weeks, most of your results should be visible.

Take the First Step to Your Thigh Lift Procedure

Once you have opted for a thigh lift, you can begin the process towards those firmer, more contoured legs. Through a consultation, scheduled at Dr. Eades’ Tucson office, you can learn more about the procedure. We can find a time that best fits your schedule. Soon, you can experience and see your desires in motion.