Liposuction Surgery in Tucson

Sometimes stubborn fat can be located in areas that just simply won’t go away such as in the stomach, in the thighs, in the neck, on the back of the arms, and elsewhere. Men and women may take measures like exercising and dieting to rid these stubborn areas. For those who find that exercise and diet aren’t giving them their desired results, liposuction may provide an alternative. Tucson, Arizona surgeon, Dr. Eades, performs liposuction procedures on appropriate patients.

Am I A Candidate For Liposuction?

For those living in the Vail, or Oro Valley areas, liposuction can provide a surgical solution. Liposuction is most effective in treating exercise and diet resistant areas of body fat. Treatable areas can include:

  • The stomach, waist area, or love handles
  • The inner and outer regions of the thighs
  • Areas near the neck and under the chin
  • The arms
  • Back and buttocks regions
  • Other body regions as determined by Dr. Eades
liposuction surgery in tucson arizona

What To Expect From Tucson Liposuction Surgery

In the Tucson area, every liposuction procedure is designed to optimize the result for the individual patient. The amount of tissue removed, the areas treated, and the expected results will be thoroughly discussed with Dr. Eades. Liposuction typically is performed using a thin tube, or cannula, attached to a liposuction machine with flexible tubing; the cannula is inserted into the areas to be treated using small incisions. In each procedure, Dr. Eades will break up unwanted fat tissue and remove it using this suctioning device. You can expect your body to be contoured and carefully reshaped through Dr. Eades’ experienced methods.

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How Long Is The Recovery From Liposuction?

Depending on the extent of the liposuction, patients are generally able to return to work or school within a week to ten days. Sutures are removed after a week and a compression garment is worn for two to four weeks. Although results are visible right after surgery, the full results, the slimmer shape and curves of your procedure, may take a few months to finalize.

Schedule A Consultation in Tucson

As with most surgeries, Liposuction is an important personal decision. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Eades at our Tucson office can help you learn more about the procedure and prepare you to make the best decision for you. Calling Dr. Eades’ office, will be the first step. Once you opt for your procedure, you can be assured that Dr. Eades will help you get those desirable slimmer and contoured results.