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Otoplasty Ear Surgery in Tucson

Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure improving the appearance of a person’s ears. Often referred to as ear pinning, Otoplasty reduces the size of large ears, pulls back protruding ears, and reshapes ear cartilage. In Tucson, Arizona, ear surgery can help you feel more confident about the appearance of your ears. Ear surgery helps men and women of all ages, including children, with structural ear problems.

What are the Benefits of an Otoplasty?

As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Eades has been performing ear surgeries for many years. Patients coming from the Catalina Foothills and surrounding areas have opted for the benefits of ear surgery. Dr. Eades can reshape, restructure, and pin the ears to prevent protrusion or deformities in ear cartilage. Macrotia, the condition of enlarged ears, is also effectively treated with an otoplasty procedure. Children over the age of 5 may also benefit from reconstructive surgery. Deformities caused by birth defects are corrected and reformed to create a more natural ear appearance.

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What Results Can I Expect from an Otoplasty Procedure?

To create desired results, Dr. Eades carefully makes incisions in the inside, back, and surface of the ear. Inner ear incisions are placed within the antihelical fold, or just within the ear’s rim. Back and surface ear incisions are carefully hidden with the natural creases and folds of the ear. With Dr. Eades’ careful incision placement, you can expect any resulting scars to be minimal. By creating ear symmetry, he will also make your results as natural as possible. Child patients may experience some ear growth as they age, and this may alter the symmetry of their ear. Nevertheless, follow up ear surgery is possible for further shaping and correction if required.

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How long is the Recovery for an Otoplasty?

After your otoplasty procedure, it’s best if you plan to stay home for one week during the initial healing period. Adult patients are typically released the same day under the supervision of a friend or family member; as for children, in some cases, your doctor may request that they stay overnight for observation. Before going home, your head will be bandaged in order to protect the ears and the surgical incisions. After your follow-up appointment, your surgical dressings will be removed and Dr. Eades will provide you with a headband type bandage to promote optimal healing over the next few weeks.

How Can I Learn More About Ear Surgery in Tucson?

By contacting Dr. Eades’ office in Tucson, you can schedule your private ear surgery consultation. During your consultation, you can learn more about results, past surgeries, and successes of Dr. Eades’ previous patients. As you may have a busy schedule, we will work with you to find a suitable time for your consultation. The office, conveniently located near the cities of Catalina Foothills, Tanque Verde, and Casas Adobes is open during the week. Your otoplasty could give you the ears and self-confidence you have been desiring.