Neck Lift Surgery in Tucson

The face is usually the first thing people notice, but the neck can also affect your overall appearance. The neck area often gives away age faster than the face. The neck can also make the face look rounder or thinner, depending on its set. A thickset neck can make you look more muscular or chubbier while a thinner set neck can make you look slimmer or leaner. In Tucson, Arizona, neck lift surgery can create an entirely new look for patients. From removing extra skin after weight loss to removing unwanted fat, a neck lift can make a dramatic difference.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

A neck lift procedure, otherwise known as a lower Rhytidectomy, may be the solution to your appearance afflictions. If you suffer from extra fat around the neck and chin, you may see improvement after a neck lift procedure. Problems like loose skin and protruding lines, or muscle banding, can be transformed with surgery. Candidates include both men and women, young and old. Ideal patients will be in good health and non-smokers. As long as you are optimistic, as well as realistic, about your desires for surgery, you can begin the next step towards your neck lift procedure.

neck lift surgery in Tucson Arizona

What Can I Expect from a Neck Lift Procedure?

Tucson board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Eades, will perform the surgery with deft hands. With three decades of experience behind him, he will artfully and expertly create the neck contours you desire. During the procedure, incisions will either be made under the chin and/or behind the ears, and fat tissue around the neck will be shaped, skin will be lifted, and sagging skin will be excised. The goal result of a neck lift is a tighter and smoother, more youthful looking neckline.

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What Is the Recovery Period Like?

Following a neck lift, patients will experience bruising, swelling, and a feeling of tightness on the neck. Bruising should resolve within five days, though the sensation of tightness may take a couple of months to subside. Any discomfort can be controlled with pain medication. It is important that you follow Dr. Eades’ specific aftercare instruction to ensure a safe and optimal recovery. Typically, results from a neck lift are long lasting, so you enjoy your more youthful appearance for years to come!

Schedule Your Neck Lift Consultation

By contacting Dr. Eades’ office you can schedule an initial neck lift consultation. During your consultation, you can learn more about the procedure, express your desires, and visualize actual results. Dr. Eades can arrange a time that best fits your schedule. The office, conveniently located near the cities of Catalina Foothills, Tanque Verde, and Casas Adobes is open during the week. A neck lift procedure could make the difference in your appearance for which you have been hoping.