Patience is Important After Your Mommy Makeover

Becoming a mother is something that many women count as a blessing. Pregnancy, motherhood, and breastfeeding can change a woman’s body in ways that she doesn’t like. This can affect her self-esteem and confidence. To combat these changes, some women see a mommy makeover as an option. There are some things to understand before you undergo this procedure, such as:

You May Experience Guilt

Women are often taught that they must be there for everyone, even before themselves. This is especially the case for mothers. Women are told implicitly and explicitly to put their children above themselves.

Getting a mommy makeover entails investing time and money into yourself. It may be hard to justify what some people will see as vanity or wasted money. The truth is, everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

Being confident and happy in your skin will set a great example for your children and allow you to be even more present with them in various ways after healing is finished. Mental health and wellbeing are crucial yet often overlooked aspects of parenting.

You’ll Need Help During Healing

mommy makeover might include pretty intense abdominal surgery and various other procedures. If you commit to it, you’ll be out of commission for a while to heal. You won’t be able to do lifting, bathing, and things like that with your little one until it’s deemed safe.

You can look at this as a time of using your support system and taking time for yourself to rest, heal, and come back stronger. It’s important to understand that giving enough time for healing is necessary. Going back to restricted activities too early may cause trouble with your healing. Patience with yourself, your body, and your helpers is key.

Healing Is A Process

You may want instant results, but healing takes time. It might take months for the final results to appear. The swelling and bruising need time to reside. Healing is not something to be rushed.

You might feel itching, tingling, or numbness at or around the incision sites as you heal. This may be unpleasant, but it means the nerves and blood vessels are healing and it’s temporary.

Healing Is Mental And Physical

You may be prepared for physical healing. Another aspect of healing to consider is emotional or mental healing. During the process of recovery, you may experience mood swings. You may also experience regret or fear that the surgery won’t or didn’t give you your intended results.

The emotional highs and lows and moments of regret are normal after surgery. If you prepare yourself ahead of time for these things, they won’t have nearly as strong of an impact on you. You can combat these things by giving yourself time to rest, relying on your support team, and keeping a realistic expectation for your post-surgery body.

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