Latisse Eyelash Enhancement in Tucson

The eyes are often considered the window into the soul. For this reason, many take careful care of their eye appearance. Women often wear eyeliner or mascara to highlight the color and shape of their eyes. Unfortunately, some women find that their lash line is lacking and desire more out of their lashline and eye’s appearance. By prescribing Latisse in the Tucson, Arizona area, Dr. Eades has given many women the eyelashes they desire.

What is Latisse?

As a prescription treatment, Latisse is a solution for thin and light eyelashes. This eyelash treatment produces darker, more noticeable fullness along the eyes. As a treatment for hypotrichosis (a lack of lashes) Latisse is an option for women in the Tucson area.

How does Latisse Work?

Dr. Eades can prescribe the solution to women in the Catalina Foothills, Tanque Verdes, and surrounding areas. This formula is applied to the upper lids and encourages growth and darkening of the lashes. After nightly applications for about 8 weeks, patients can begin to see results.

If you are considering Latisse for your eyelashes, it is important you are careful. Latisse should never be applied to the lower lashes of the eye, or get into the eyes themselves. This may cause your eyes to experience irritation. The areas applied with Latisse may darken in color with continuous application and also grow more lash hairs. Once you stop using the solution, your eyelashes will return to their normal thickness and color.

Learn More About Latisse

Men and women in the Tucson area are encouraged to attend an appointment with Dr. Eades regarding Latisse. By examining your medical history, your lash line and discussing your desired outcome, he can help you decide if Latisse is the right option for you. With your Latisse prescription, Dr. Eades will help you enhance the look and appearance of your eyes.