Latisse® Eyelash Enhancement in Tucson

The eyes are often considered the window into the soul. For this reason, many take careful care of their eye appearance. Women often wear eyeliner or mascara to highlight the color and shape of their eyes. Unfortunately, some women find that their lash line is lacking and desire more out of their lashline and eye’s appearance. By prescribing Latisse in the Tucson, Arizona area, Dr. Eades has given many women the eyelashes they desire.

What is Latisse?

Considering an arm lift procedure? Your overall weight can affect your candidacy. Patients of arm lift surgery might lose their results if they gain weight after their procedure. So, before you opt for your procedure, it is recommended that you have maintained a stable weight for several months. You should also be a nonsmoker, and able to successfully undergo and heal from a surgical procedure. A consultation with Dr. Eades is the best way to determine if an arm lift is right for you.


How does Latisse Work?

Tucson’s Dr. Edward Eades, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, uses proven techniques and methods to create the best results possible. An arm lift, performed in the Vail and Green Valley areas, will require inner arm, back of arm, or axillary incisions. Dr. Eades can determine the appropriate incisions for your anatomy and aesthetic goals during your consultation. If unsightly areas of fat are present, liposuction may also be used. Once the fat is removed and underlying tissue is restructured, excess skin is excised, and the incisions are sutured closed.

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As you heal from your arm lift procedure, the results of your newly defined and firmer appearance will begin to emerge. Dr. Eades will provide you with specific post-procedure steps, including managing any drains, dressings, and prescribed medications. Your required downtime will depend on the extensiveness of your procdure, but you’ll need to avoid any heavy lifting or activity.