How Laser and Radiofrequency Treatments Rejuvenate Your Skin

Many individuals are concerned with stopping the signs of aging. It is common for people to begin to notice a slight change in their appearance when they are in their mid-twenties. A person’s body will slowly produce less elastin and collagen at this time.

Combat Aging
One of the most effective methods for combating the signs of aging is to work on promoting the increase of elastin and collagen within a person’s skin. There are dietary changes as well as supplements that may help, but certain skin treatments have shown to be more effective. They can increase collagen and elastin and decrease a variety of age-related skin concerns.

Noninvasive Treatments
These skin treatments do not involve any type of surgery. They have been shown to be effective in improving the quality of a person’s skin. This includes the skin’s elasticity, texture, and tone. These treatments are also painless. A person may experience a sensation of heat, but nothing else. They are also performed relatively quickly. They will require less than an hour to perform. These types of procedures fall into one of four categories. They are radiofrequency microneedling, laser, radiofrequency, and ultrasound. Each of them is slightly different.

During this procedure, a handheld device is utilized to heat a person’s skin with radiofrequency waves. The initial results may not be as significant as patients desire so it often requires several sessions to achieve the desired result. Since it does not reach significant depths in a person’s skin, radiofrequency treatment is often recommended for younger individuals. It has also been effective with people who are older and have a desire for small changes in their skin’s appearance.

Radiofrequency Microneedling
This is a combination procedure. It is designed to bring together microneedling with radiofrequency waves for skin treatment. This procedure creates microscopic channels in a person’s skin. Doing this results in the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. During this procedure, radiofrequency waves are emitted into the channels. This will result in the positive results being increased even more.

This is a resurfacing treatment that can improve the texture of the skin. It has been designed to focus on the surface of a person’s skin. This is the top layer known as the dermis. It involves the use of controlled heat as the laser will gently remove the outermost layer of the skin. This will then reveal the new layer of skin beneath. Laser treatments are also effective for improving skin tightness and tone. This will depend on the specific laser procedure used.

This is considered one of the most effective options for a non-surgical skin lift. It can be used against specific tissues in a direct and controlled manner. Ultrasound can reach skin tissue at greater depths when compared to other types of skin treatment. It is often able to deliver significant results. This treatment stimulates a body’s natural production of elastin and collagen within the skin. It helps a person’s skin look more naturally youthful. Ultrasound treatments can help to rebuild the support structure located beneath the skin.

Anyone who wants to have a more youthful appearance should speak to a plastic surgeon. They can explain what type of treatment is necessary to achieve specific goals. A plastic surgeon will know the best procedure for a person’s individual situation.