How Can You Get Injectables Without Looking Overdone?

Cosmetic surgery plays a significant role in our society today, and one of the most requested non-surgical options is injectables. Over the years, procedures such as Botox and dermal filler injections have risen in popularity. The reason for this is the non-invasive nature of injectables and the quick results they offer.

Despite being non-invasive, injectables have been known to give some people a frozen, fake, or plain overdone face. For this reason, most people have shied away from having these treatments.

Here are four tips you can use to get injectables without looking overdone.

Find a Professional and Trustworthy Provider

The first step to ensuring that your injectables do not look overdone is by having a professional health care provider, such as Dr. Edward Eades, perform the procedures. Make sure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose is also a specialist in the cosmetic injectables sector. Experienced injectors understand facial anatomy, and with this knowledge, they know what to do for every procedure.

This decreases your chances of having an overdone look after any injectable cosmetic procedure. With all the injectors available today, ensure you choose one with a plastic surgeon board certification.


Another way you can avoid having an overdone face is by doing your research. With cosmetic surgery, the best way to research is through pictures. The use of before and after photos enable you to judge the cosmetic treatment results accurately without bias.

For instance, if you want a lip thinning procedure, the before and after photographs of previous patients within your age group can help you decide if you wish to continue with the procedure. The pictures also help you acquire reasonable expectations. With those expectations, you get to decide if you like the result.

Also, if your injector’s website has few photos, it may be an indication of very few happy patients or inexperience in performing injectable procedures.

Start Small

Starting small with injectable cosmetic procedures can help you find out if your face looks overdone. You can have one area of your face treated, for example, the forehead lines, and see if you like the results. If the results fall short of what you expected, you can look for a different treatment option.

For some injectable procedures, it is best to give them a week or two to observe the results. Once one treatment gives you the desired results, you can proceed to the next.

Ask Questions During Your Consultation

Every qualified injector requires a session with their clients to help them assess their facial shape and skin. During this session, your provider explains everything about the procedure and what they will do to give you a natural-looking face. Make sure you ask all the questions you have, as this will help you make the final decision.


The injectable procedures performed today are safe and dependable. It, however, does make a difference when you do the research and use the above tips. Remember, if you want to have a natural look after any injectable procedure, make sure you choose an experienced and certified plastic surgeon. After all, that is your best defense against an overdone look.