Answers to Common Tummy Tuck Questions

Are you considering having a tummy tuck to obtain a stronger core and a more toned abdomen? If so, you might naturally have important questions about the procedure and what to expect. Below you will find answers to some of the more common tummy tuck questions.

What Exactly Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a procedure that will eliminate additional fat and skin from the abdominal area. The presence of such extra fat and skin may be due to a variety of reasons, including rapid weight loss, aging, weight gain, or childbirth.

What Should I Expect When I Come in For a Consultation?

When you come in for a consultation for a tummy tuck, you can expect to receive a comprehensive consultation. As part of this personalized consultation, we will take a detailed medical history. Additionally, we will perform a physical exam and provide you with various treatment options based on your particular situation. We will also take before and after photos. Our goal is to ensure that your procedure is customized to meet your specific goals.

What Should I Expect During My Tummy Tuck Procedure?

During the procedure, additional fat and skin will be removed from the abdomen. In the event that your abdominal muscles have separated, we will also make necessary repairs. If needed, liposuction may be used to contour the flanks and abdomen.

What Should I Expect Following My Procedure?

Following your procedure, you will need to wear a compression garment for anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. This is done to eliminate swelling. It is natural to experience some degree of discomfort or pain. This can typically be managed with pain medications.

How Long Is the Recovery for a Tummy Tuck?

One of the more common questions we receive is whether you will be able to move around on the day of the surgery. In most circumstances, you will be able to walk on the same day of your procedure. In fact, we actually advise you to get up and begin moving around in order to improve blood circulation. Doing so helps to reduce the risk of blood clots developing in the legs. With that said, you should avoid lifting or running for six weeks following your tummy tuck.

Another common question is when you will be able to return to work. Most people are able to return to work within about two weeks of their procedure. You should expect bruising to remain visible for up to two weeks. Swelling typically diminishes within three months of the procedure. It is important to keep in mind that scars will remain visible as part of the healing process for up to 18 months. During this time, your scars will become lighter in color and thinner.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Tummy Tucks?

As is the case with any surgical procedure, it’s important to understand there is a slight risk of infection and bleeding. Additionally, there is a small risk of developing blood clots in the lungs or legs. We take great care to reduce such risks.