VOTIVA: What Does It Do and How Does It Work?

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What is VOTIVA?

Votiva is an energy-based, non-invasive procedure that uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy to provide uniform deep heating for tissue remodeling of the vagina and labia. Vaginal changes are caused mainly by aging and vaginal childbirth. These changes may result in vaginal, pelvic, sexual, and urinary symptoms that significantly affect the quality of life. Using RF, Votiva has gained significant popularity recently due to its non-invasiveness, absence of adverse effects, and rapid results. Votiva is performed in-office in less than 20 minutes, and no anesthesia or sedation is necessary. Patients do not experience pain; only a pleasant, warm feeling. There is no recovery or downtime. Patients may resume all physical activities immediately, including intimacy.

How does VOTIVA work?

During Votiva treatment, energy is delivered to the internal and external tissues using a thin, lubricated wand about the diameter of a pinky finger. Patients typically experience treatment results immediately with continued results over the following weeks. I typically recommend 3 to 5 treatments performed at monthly intervals and then a single maintenance treatment every 6 to 12 months.

Does VOTIVA really work?

Studies using RF for vaginal rejuvenation have shown greatly-improved scores for vaginal symptoms, sexual matters, quality of life, pelvic floor muscle tone, and stress urinary incontinence after the first treatment. The very first patient I treated with this technology was a breast cancer patient in her early 40’s who had recently completed her breast reconstruction with me after undergoing chemotherapy and bilateral mastectomies. Her prognosis was good but required a 10-year course of an estrogen-blocking drug to prevent recurrence of her cancer. Unfortunately, her estrogen-blocking drug caused significant vaginal atrophy (similar to menopause) with symptoms of dryness, loss of vaginal elasticity, and severe pain with sexual intercourse that was not helped by using lubricants. These problems do not get better with time; they remain present the entire time a patient is taking an estrogen-blocker. So, in addition to breast cancer, these problems were also placing significant stress on her marital life. My patient had her first treatment on a Wednesday; her husband was out-of-town on business for the week but was scheduled to return 2 days later on Friday afternoon. The very first call my office received on the following Monday morning was from my patient, crying with joy because she and her husband were able to resume normal intimate relations that very weekend, just 2 days after her initial treatment. She went on to have 2 more treatments and now gets one maintenance treatment every 6 months and continues to be very pleased with the results.

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Vaginal changes can cause several women’s health and wellness issues that affect the quality of life, but they seem to be seldom discussed, even among friends. The information presented in this article is meant to educate those affected by vaginal changes and to get the word out that there is a simple, affordable, safe, and very effective treatment available with immediate results. If you are interested in finding out more about Votiva, please contact my office.

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