Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day to a Mommy Makeover

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It’s no secret that age and motherhood can take a toll on the body. This Mother’s Day, treat yourself to the full body makeover you deserve. Dr. Eades offers the “Mommy Makeover” which is a comprehensive solution to the post-baby body. There’s no need to struggle any longer with the changes that came along with your bundle of joy.

What Does a Mommy Makeover Address?

The mommy makeover improves the overall appearance of the body by combining multiple procedures into one surgery. These procedures may include:

  • Tummy Tuck – After pregnancy, the stomach is stretched from the pregnancy and the inevitable weight gain. This will leave the skin looking lax and may even hang over pants, making one feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. A tummy tuck will fix this issue by getting rid of any excess skin, as well as tightening loose abdominal muscles.
  • Breast Lift – Pregnancy often causes the breasts to become larger, and breastfeeding puts stress on tissue as well. This, in turn, creates sagging of the breasts which luckily can be corrected with a lift.
  • Breast Augmentation – The breast lift will address the positioning of the breasts while a breast augmentation will correct volume loss and shape.
  • Liposuction – Weight gain is almost unavoidable when having a baby. Liposuction can help in eliminating this excess fat. Also, liposuction can also aid in body contouring, helping you to obtain a more youthful shape.

Want to Learn more? Call Dr. Edward Eades’ office in Tucson today to schedule your consultation. Treat yourself to something extra special this Mother’s Day and get your body back!

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