The Future of Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Eades is excited to offer Stem Cell Therapy for facial rejuvenation. He is using these cells in conjunction with certain minimally invasive procedures such as FRACTORA radiofrequency microneedling and Facial Fat Grafting to markedly enhance the effectiveness of these already proven procedures.

About Stem Cells

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the capacity to change into any specific cell type in the body. These cells, when placed into our body’s tissues, can readily change into the cell type that is needed to heal, replace and/or optimize normal cellular function.

Stem Cell Therapy

FRACTORA radiofrequency microneedling creates many, many minute skin punctures, each of which contains a very small area of thermal injury. Each puncture heals with a tiny drop of normal collagen (not scar collagen). The healing process also increases local blood circulation. The increased circulation adds depth and glow to the skin and the increased skin collagen content reverses fine wrinkling, diminishes deeper lines and wrinkles and is Dr. Eades’ favorite way of treating acne scarring.

Our own native stem cells present in our skin are important participants in the collagen production induced by FRACTORA microneedling, but as we age, our stem cells become less effective and collagen production diminishes. However, when new, robust stem cells harvested from the umbilical cord of a live, healthy baby are placed into the skin after a FRACTORA treatment, they are readily attracted to the puncture wounds; they change into the appropriate cells that produce collagen and they support that collagen production with proteins and growth factors to optimize collagen production in our skin.

FRACTORA radiofrequency microneedling is performed as a series of 3-5 monthly treatments. Stem Cells placed into the skin at time of the first FRACTORA treatment where they remain active for 6 months, ready and willing to assist with enhanced collagen production after each of those 3-5 FRACTORA treatments.

Facial Fat Grafting, using a patient’s own fat as a filler to restore volume loss in the upper cheeks is a proven and very effective way of creating a natural restoration of youthful facial appearance. Typically, about 50% of the grafted fat will survive from a single fat grafting session. Adding stem cells to the grafted fat will increase the fat survival to about 80%.

About Stem cells

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)  derived from donated umbilical cord  from safe hospital resources.

Pyrogenic preservation is at the core of Stem Cell Therapy cellular therapy process. It’s what allows them to keep these highly potent cells alive and fully energized for a seamless transfer into your body for their reawakening.

If you have questions regarding Stem Cell Therapy or are interested in learning more, contact our Tucson office today at 520-323-6994 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Eades.