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Rejuvenate your Femininity with ThermiVa

Posted on:  by Dr. Edward Eades in ThermiVa

As women age, they can experience signs of aging in appearance, like wrinkles and sagging skin. However, feminine aging can also occur as well, causing vaginal dryness, incontinence, and decreased sexual function. Menopause can also cause vaginal tissues to loosen. Women who wish to address these issues can turn to ThermiVa!

What is ThermiVa, and how does it work?

ThermiVa is a radiofrequency treatment that is non-surgical. This means that there are no stitches and no downtime involved. The treatment entails the use of an “S” shaped wand which delivers radiofrequency energy inside the vagina and to the surface of the labia. This radiofrequency energy causes tissues to contract and stimulates collagen production, causing the treated areas to tighten.
The ThermiVa treatment consists of three 40-minute treatments spaced over the course of three months. While some benefits may be apparent immediately after treatment, it usually takes the full course of treatments for full benefits to be noticed.

Is ThermiVa right for you?

If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, decreased sexual function, incontinence, or simply wish to enhance the appearance of your labia, ThermiVa may be able to help. Also, women who have undergone pregnancy, or those who have undergone breast cancer treatment though anti-estrogen chemotherapy can benefit. Women who are healthy and are non-smokers are usually good candidates.
If you are interested in ThermiVa in Tucson, contact our office today to schedule a consultation! Ask us about our ThermiVa special as well!  For more information, visit our blog page!

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