Look Refreshed this Spring with Eyelid Surgery

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Spring is officially here, and many of us are looking to refresh our homes and wardrobe. So, why not  refresh your eyes as well? Our eyes are one of our most distinguishing characteristics. However, as we age, the upper and lower eyelid skin may become heavy and puffy causing a tired appearance. With eyelid surgery, you can remove excess skin that may be impeding vision, tighten loose skin, and turn back the clock, revealing a younger appearance.

What are the Benefits of Eyelid Surgery?

When looking to turn back the clock on your appearance, the eyes are a great place to start. Eyelid surgery treats only a small area of the upper face but has a major impact on one’s overall appearance.

Some of the major benefits to consider are:

  • Say Bye to Bags – Eyelid surgery can eliminate the bags on the upper eyelid that are drooping and hooding the eye, as well as the puffy bags on the lower lid making you look tired.
  • Better Vision – Sometimes, these bags create excess skin that will get in the way of your peripheral vision. By removing this skin, you will be able to regain this part of your vision.
  • Unnoticeable Scars – whether you are getting your upper or lower lids done, the scars will be placed in your natural lid creases. Once they heal, this will make them almost impossible to see.

How Long do the Results Last?

The results of your eyelid surgery will be long lasting; certainly longer lasting than non-surgical attempts to refresh the area. Typically, the removal of excess skin on the upper lid only needs to be done once. Factors that may affect your results in the future would be as the aging process continues, your brow line may lower affecting the look of your upper eyelid. However, if this is the case, the next step would be a brow lift instead of an additional eyelid procedure. Like the upper eyelid, you should only need the procedure once.

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