What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

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With breast augmentation ranking number one on the list of ASPS’ top cosmetic procedures, it is no surprise that breast augmentation is extremely popular in the Tucson, AZ area. If you are considering a breast enlargement, you should be sure to consider what recovery entails as well. Here, we will cover what to expect during breast augmentation recovery.

Before the procedure, it is advised that you arrange for a caregiver or helper to assist you during your recovery period. This caregiver will need to drive you home from the outpatient surgery center and spend that first night with you.  You will be able to get up, shower, move about your home and prepare your own meals the day after your surgery. It is normal for patients to feel fatigued and/or sore for a week or so after surgery; rest is essential to the healing process.

During recovery, some patients may experience a tightening of the breast area as the skin adjusts to the breast implants, and temporary, diminished feeling in the breasts and nipples may also occur. Pain medication for any discomfort will be prescribed to take as needed. You will not have to go about your recovery alone; Dr. Eades will provide you with specific instructions about your recovery process, and it is vital that you follow them for a safe and quick recovery.

It may be advised that you wear a soft, cupped bra during recovery for support and positioning. Dr. Eades does not recommend massage of the breasts postoperatively since it is not proven helpful and in fact can be harmful.  Those that are itching to get back to the gym may resume gentle aerobic exercise a few days after surgery, while more intensive exercise may be resumed around three weeks post-op. There is also no need to worry about missing a great deal of work; most patients are able to return to work two to three days after surgery.

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